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Damping ratio for each wheel (dimensionless quantity). This is an alternative method to the EUSAMA, where ‘efficiency’ of dampers is evaluated directly. In engineering the Damping ratio is a generally used dimensionless measure describing how oscillations in a system (wheel on the car body) decay after disturbance.

Minimum phase shift is the extension / alternative method to the EUSAMA test method, suitable also for a very light car testing. In engineering similarly as the Damping ratio, Phase shift is also used as a measure of damping properties of oscillating systems.

EUSAMA evaluates minimum adhesion value between the wheel and the road.

Suspension test result eveluation according to any of the three implemented test methods (EUSAMA, Minimum phase shift and Damping ratio). None of these three test methods requires comparing to the database of the vehicle/damper specific reference values.

Based on more than 20 years experience from Belgian PTI stations, heavy duty versions of suspension testers are capable to perform 100 – 300 car tests/day over period of 10-20 years.